We were talking with a couple at a B&B in New Brunswick recently and they were saying that they had found several interesting things they wanted to see on their tour of the area the next day.   They drove the route but could not find the places that were mentioned in the brochures.   They said there was no signage that directed them to these feature facilities, they returned very disappointed.

It seems we have put the Department of Transport in charge of Tourism Signage. We have lost the concept that we need to make it easy for the tourist to find the things to see and do as they tour the area.

We need to come together as an industry and lobby our Provincial Tourism leaders to provide better signage for visitors to our province to enjoy the great golf product we have.

We were just up to Ontario and Quebec, they both do it much better than we do when it comes to visitor signage.   Check out the samples attached.

Do you at least have the blue signs up that will direct visitors to your club.   If you are interested in putting your word with ours to rally support for a new tourism signage policy let us know.

Across North America and now across Atlantic Canada Golf Residential Developments are appearing in a number of communities.   The Stonehouse Golf Group is currently working on six of these developments.   Existing courses are looking for ways to generate additional capital dollars to upgrade their courses.   Developers are looking for opportunities to create “Active Lifestyle Communities” using golf and/or water front to sell houses.  

Stonehouse brings together the Golf Course, the Residential Developers, Builders,   Investors, and Financers to create a quality development that is right for the particular situation.

They will work with site planners, do the business / market analysis for the project and then package it in a way that each of the parties will get what they need to make it happen.

It may be worth a call to see if there are opportunities around your facility.   Stonehouse also said there are opportunities for Golf Developers to partner with a Residential Developer and end up owning a quality golf course at a significantly reduced rate.

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We have talked with several operators around the region and are once again seeing the need to bring Golf in Atlantic Canada together – pool resources – market as a unit – package our product – make it easy for consumer to access.

Atlantic Canada now has some wonderful golf product and each province now has enough to attract tourism play.   So what is the problem…   It seems we are back to holding on to our Provincial Hats so tight that we are making it more difficult for visitors to find – book and play our wonderful golf courses…

Now is the time… realize that most visitors that come to the area visit 2 or more Provinces on each visit… We need to start working together , pooling resources, setting up single information and booking lines and sites… Put together packages that address the need of the consumer to visit 2 or 3 provinces and play a number of courses.   Let’s get back in the game…

It has been a long time since any Province has had a real strong Golf Tourism Year – now is the time to reverse that trend.    We need the best Tourism Golf Club operators from each Province to come together and lead this process.

Come and get involved.

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Is your staff still excited about the season and ready to welcome guests with enthusiasm for another 3+ months.   We did some work with a Ski Hill in Nova Scotia and they asked me to come and speak at their staff hype session – it was at 6:00am on Thursday morning – every week they brought all their staff together and got them excited about the upcoming weekend.   Got them pumped up for a great weekend.

Do you do motivational and or service training with your staff – maybe at the beginning of the year – twice a year – monthly – weekly… There are lots of places to get help with this and we can give you some ideas if you need.    We encourage you to go re-ignite your staff for the second half of the season and do it this week…

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Atlantic Canada has a rising star in Golf Course Design.   Robert LeBlanc of RLA Golf has three new courses starting construction this fall and next spring.   The Blue Heron Golf Club – overlooking the Bay of Chaleur in Charlo NB… with vistas of the Bay and the Appalachian Mountains in the back drop.   Ocean Links Golf Club in Brule NS is a new ocean front development in Brule that will feature vistas of the Ocean from almost every hole.   Aspotogan Ridge Golf Club is on St. Margaret’s Bay near Hubbard’s.

All three courses are tied into “Active Lifestyle Communities.   Robert is also working on projects in Morocco and Libya…

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Offer a wide variety of Golf & Marketing support services.   We can assist with things like:

  • Operational Reviews
  • Strategic Planning, Marketing Strategies
  • Residential Development
  • Funding, Financing, Evaluations, Strategic Partners
  • Business Case Analysis – Competitive and Comparable reviews
  • Buying or selling properties

And much more…

We would be happy to meet with your club to discuss any of the exciting opportunities that might be available to you – the first meeting is with No Obligation to you. Give us a call or email

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Re-Excite your team and have a great rest of the season…


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